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Unlike other tools in the time management category, TimePanic looks like a spreadsheet of sorts. Hours are easily viewable and special features can be set up to correspond with a freelancer’s workload. A clean white interface complete with color-coded charts and personalization options complete the look of the TimePanic program. From start to finish, TimePanic is an easy to use program that many people will get a great deal of use out of.


TimePanic comes with many customization options that make this tool easy to use. From the start, users will find that installing TimePanic is a simple feat. This program installs without any trouble, it won’t slow your computer down, and it will keep track of every move you make (overtime and all).

Main Function

If keeping track of your work hours is your main goal, TimePanic might be the right program for you. Not only does this program come complete with time tracking tools, it also includes a chat, customer service options, and various other features.

Extra Features

TimePanic is loaded with so many extra features that it’s really hard to keep track of them all. Some of the best features include a start and end time logging, report filtering, a task bar displaying your working time, and templates that are entirely configurable.


You can try TimePanic for free for a limited time. Once this time allotment expires, TimePanic can be purchased for $54.20. This is a steal if you need a tool that can accurately track time and more.

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Reviewed by Harriette Halepis
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